My challenge: Act for Future
Mi chiamo Annalisa, ho 18 anni e studio al Liceo Scientifico. Amo la natura e...
My challenge: Mi impegnerò a ridurre il consumo di acqua ed elettricità.
Hi, my name is Arianna. I live in Lagaro, a small town near Bologna. I’m 18 a...
My challenge: Avoid using plastic bottles
Hi, i’m Beatrice and i’m a high school student from Bologna
My challenge: Try to eat vegan or vegetarian meals
Student of Liceo E.Fermi, Bologna italy
My challenge: I will try to grow a plant in my terrace, if it survive plant it in a park
I am a student in Bologna, Italy, but I live in the countryside. I love natur...
My challenge: Eating vegetarian or vegan meals at least 4 days a week.
I'm math and physics teacher... but also a student, in this contest, for exa...
My challenge: Reduce car using .. make people easer using bicycle to move in the city
My challenge: no paper
Age: 18 + 22 of experience + 5 of charm. Occupation: teacher and student. The...
My challenge: Avoid disposable: no vending machine, and at home only cloth handkerchiefs.
che dire...
My challenge: vorrei imparare di più sul tema del clima e come salvaguardare il nostro pianeta
HI, I'm Dejan and I'm from Forly, in Italy.
My challenge: I want to use less disposable plastic.
I'm Elena, an Italian Aeronautical High school student. I love travelling and...
My challenge: reduce the use of my phone and electricity
I'm a 16 yo student at ITAer Francesco Baracca in Forlì. I really like swimmi...
My challenge: eat vegetarian meals as many times as possible
sono una studentessa e vivo a Bologna
My challenge: usare più mezzi pubblici e meno la macchina
My challenge: .
My challenge: .
High school student from Bologna, Italy
My challenge: I'm trying to reduce the amount of water I use by having shorter showers
My challenge: discovery
Hi, my name is Filippo. I live in a small town near bologna in italy called P...
My challenge: I want to learn how to save resources as much as possible
Sono un ragazzo di 18 anni e vivo a Castenaso vicino a Bologna.
My challenge: do not use my car for distances of less than 4 km
Mamma a tempo indeterminato di Elia&Bianca e Docente a tempo determinato (ma ...
My challenge: Andare tutti a scuola in bicicletta almeno una volta a settimana
I'm a italian student, I love playing sports and being in contact with nature.
My challenge: I'd ike to change my life by making it eco-friendly
Studente liceale di Rimini
My challenge: Mangiare pasti vegetariani e vegani il più possibile
Sono una ragazza di Rimini che frequenta il quinto anno di liceo scientifico.
My challenge: Come obiettivo cercherò di mangiare meno carne possibile.
Mi piace l'ambiente e il rispetto verso di esso, la natura mi ha sempre scatu...
My challenge: rispettare l'ambiente facendo leva sull'usa e getta, evitando così sprechi inuti
hii :) my name is Giorgia, I am 18 and I study at the scientific high school.
My challenge: spending time outside without electricity, reduce water and plastic consumption
I'm Giorgia, an 18 yo student at Liceo Ariosto in Ferrara. I'm a singer and a...
My challenge: My challenge is to reduce meat consumption and also wasting less water.
Pesaro, Italy. Sport music and nature. Going to study engeneering for sustain...
My challenge: Build a house for solitary bees in my garden
I'm a researcher in Physics Education at the University of Bologna. I live in...
My challenge: Educate myself to reduce meat consumption- "a dream once per week" (LC)
My name is Lorenza, i'm 19, i live near Bologna and i attend a scientific hig...
My challenge: I will try to consume less water and less electricity during my days
18, Italian student living in Bologna. I consider climate change an issue str...
My challenge: Trying to develop a sustainable mindset during my everyday routine.
Hi, I am Maria High school student from Bologna
My challenge: Spend one hour a day in nature
Sono una studentessa e frequento il liceo scientifico tradizionale a Ferrara....
My challenge: Fare la raccolta differenziata.
Martina, 17 years old. Liceo scientifico Einstein in Rimini. I like science ...
My challenge: I will try to cut down on meat consumption and become a vegetarian
Hi! I’m Martina and I'm an 18-year-old girl who would like to study medicine ...
My challenge: I will try to reduce water and electricity consumption
Hi! My name is Matilde. I’m 18 and I live in Bologna but my father is from Gr...
My challenge: I will try to cultivate plants and take care of gardens
My name is Martina, i'm 17 and my dream is to help people understand how much...
My challenge: I plan to create my little own greenhouse and take care of it.
I'm a student, i live in Rimini and i like nature.
My challenge: Avoid using plastic bottles
I’m 16 years old, I love sports therefore I spend a lot of time outdoors. I a...
My challenge: For the next few days I want to move only by foot.
My challenge: Vorrei ridurre il tasso di inquinamento che produco giornalmente.
Liceo scientifico student from Rimini
My challenge: Following a vegetarian diet
Non saprei...
My challenge: vorrei imparare di più riguardo al clima e come salvaguardare il nostro pianeta
I am a dude, who study in Bologna. I like nature, woods, grass, weed and thi...
My challenge: Voglio ridurre le mie emissioni inquinanti. Dalla plastica al CO2