cCHANGE is a research-based company working with transformations to sustainability. We burn for a more equitable and sustainable future and we work to show people how we all matter when it comes to making this happen.
My challenge
To engage and motivate the participants in Act for Future cCHALLENGE

Welcome to Act for Future cCHALLENGE! We are excited that you are participating in this 30-day challenge, which is a guided experiment with change. By making one small change in your own life, you will learn more about the connections between individual change and societal change.


We encourage you to spend the next 30 days observing, reflecting, exploring, and talking to others about your change experiment.


Use this platform to share your thoughts and reflections, images and stories. Take a look at what others are experiencing. Explore how your reflections and conversations influence others.


The first week is about choosing and preparing for the challenge. If you are wondering about practical and technical issues, or have any other questions, contact [email protected]


Good luck!