High school student from Bologna, Italy
My challenge
I'm trying to reduce the amount of water I use by having shorter showers

E’ stato un mese intenso, in cui non è stato facile mantenere la concentrazione adeguata per completare la sfida scelta; però alla fine dei conti sono fiero di tutto: della scelta, della riuscita, dell’idea in generale, del fare la differenza, tutto…

It’s been hard: it isn’t easy to be part of the change by attending a challenge for the environment. I’m personally trying to bring people and friends into this, but it’s difficult!

Also, I’m doing my very best not to waste water every single day, not only while having a shower.

Come on everyone, let’s not underestimate the challenge! 

I chose to reduce the amount of water I use because not everyone has enough available drinkable water: I’m trying my best to make it count.