Hi, i’m Beatrice and i’m a high school student from Bologna
My challenge
Try to eat vegan or vegetarian meals

The challenge ended yesterday and today without even realizing it I still prepared vegan meals. I am very happy because it means that I have acquired this habit. I kinda miss the flavor of meat, so I think I will eat it one of these days, but I’m sure that from now on I will have no problem minimizing meat consumption

I am proud to have completed this challenge both because it was a change that I had been planning for some time and because it gave me the opportunity to discover new flavors and new recipes!

I am very happy to have started the challenge, thanks to it I was able not only to do something useful for animals and the environment but I also had the opportunity to discover new things and experiment. I tried new recipes and didn’t even realize I had reduced meat so much!

Most people don’t like the vegan lifestyle. They see it as a life of sacrifice and renunciation, and vegans are often seen as extremists or members of a sect trying to “convert” as many people as possible. For this reason many people often do not start this path because they fear they will be judged or excluded. I also had these thoughts before starting the challenge but I have seen that many people have positively welcomed this change. However there are several situations in which I would like to eat like everyone else, for example when I take a pizza or go out to eat with friends

I’ve always loved animals and a few years ago I started to be interested in the vegetarian and vegan diet. Intensive farming, in addition to being terrible for animals, that are deprived of their life and nature, are also very polluting, so we should at least reduce our consumption of meat. In these 30 days I will try not to eat meat or fish, and I hope to carry on this habit forever