We all have the capacity to change – to change the systems and cultures that are inconsistent with the future we want. Act for Future is an experiment with change where participants will explore and test what it takes to make change happen.

Does it matter what we do as individuals? Let’s figure that out! You may be surprised!

Among other things, we’re going to explore:

– What makes is easy or hard to change in a more sustainable direction?

– How do friends and families react when we choose to do things differently?

– What connects our little change with the big picture?


The Act for Future cCHALLENGE will run from 30th January till 28th February. The participants will get coaching and support along the way.


This project is run by cCHANGE, a Norwegian-based start-up working on transformations to sustainability and the University of Bologna, Italy. It is part of the Science Education for Action and Engagement towards Sustainability (SEAS) project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824522.

The approach and method used in the project builds on more that 30 years of research into climate change, sustainability and change.